DECEMBER 2014 – Studio, Gigs, New Mac!

Keir Moore Guitar Teacher Bromley

December has been a great as I have been gigging and teaching lots but also had a fantastic Christmas catching up with  everyone and consuming my body weight in cheese and red wine! I will take this opportunity to wish you all a happy New Year and hope you have a great 2015.

Firefly Function Band

The month kicked off with the first of many corporate Christmas parties and as you can see my function band Firefly got the place rocking hard. This party consisted of an aircraft hangar, dodgems, gymnasts a casino and a lot of drunk people, we also were luckily enough to be in the presence of Mr Richard Green who was depping on keys. Great gig even when one of the guests tripped over took me out and then fell into the drum kit halting the gig for a few moments!.

London Concert Chorus

I used the Flyrig again on this gig and it worked a treat and meant I was packed down in about 3 mins however I used my Egnater Renegade amp a couple of nights ago and you just cannot beat the real thing!

Every December Firelfy play with the London Concert Chorus for their Carol service helping raise money and support for Bromley Mind which helps people deal with all kinds of mental health problems. The concert is always a highlight but special mention to the LCC as they smashed it!

To finish the year off I had a New Year’s Eve gig with the mighty Soul Factory and like I said before I used my amp again on this gig and god it sounded monstrous!


My funk band Soul Grenade had a busy month out gigging and in the studio. We played the Silver Bullet in Finsbury supporting Jack Tyson Charles (son of Craig Charles 6Music Funk Show) and had a great time. It was the last gig of the year and as a result I had a few beers and gave Milan our Sax player a massage during his solo, this can all be seen on video shortly.

We also went into the studio to start work on some demos and got some great pictures taken during the process. It was great to record live with the guys as so much of the time now I find my self straight to desk with just the producer which can be great but it was so much fun to actually play live a and get in the groove. We are currently waiting on the mixing etc but will put it up as soon as I get it and let me know thoughts.

Guitar Session In Studio

Me, my scarf and my tele.

December Gig Image

A bit tight on the Silver Bullet stage. Ray doesn’t seem to happy with the sound engineer!



I must have been a good boy this year as I was lucky enough to find that Santa had left me and new Mac. This means that my studio is back up and running and I will now be available for online sessions. If you need guitar parts for any project you are working on then get in contact at

@The Studio

It was a quite month at the studio due to the festive season but I am glad to say my students did great in their Trinity Music Exams so well done. I have a few time lots available that range from 30 or 60 min lessons weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on what you require so if you are in need of Guitar Lessons in Bromley please do get in contact.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year.