Online Guitar Sessions

Online Guitar Session

I have a lot of experience in providing the right guitar parts for your project.I work with singer/songwriters developing there own material as well as providing guitar parts for producers, EDM and TV. I have a large collection of instruments and outboard gear to get you the pro sound you want. Clients receive all files type that they can just drop into their DAW and get going. I provide Dry, Wet as well as a DI signal so you have complete control over the sound you want.

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Here are some examples of work I have done

Lonely Nights – Lynsey Tibbs
Lonely Nights – Lynsey Tibbs – Guitars Only

Half A Lifetime – Lynsey Tibbs
Half A Lifetime – Lynsey Tibbs – Guitar Only

Tommy K – GG
Tommy K – GG – Guitar Only

These guitars were recorded for Flint Kids and featured on Sky Documentaries


Fender Stratocatser

Fender Telecaster

Suhr Custom T

Suhr Strat

Tanglewood Hollowbody (Flatwound Strings)

Faith acoustic

Ibanez GAT5EC Nylon Strung Classical Guitar


Acoustic Nashville Tuning


Peavey Classic 20w

Marshall JCM 800

Fractal Audio AX8 Amp Modeller

Studio Gear

Golden Age Pre 73 (Neve 1073 Clone)

SSL 2 Audio Interface

Focusrite Pro 14 Studio Interface

Yamaha HS7 Monitors

I have a collection of dynamic, condenser and ribbon mics.

I have plugins by Waves, Slate Digital, EZ,