Gigs, Composition, Jam Nights


@ The Studio

The studio has quite an influx of students this month even though July and August are always a bit quite. I have noticed that the majority of the new people starting are looking to keep their studies going through the summer holidays and for those who are creeping for exams but don’t want to take 2 months of from lessons. I have also had some new beginners start which is all ways encouraging and i have also had several older students start who have been playing a few years but want some direction. The studio has parking outside and we provide a waiting area with tea and coffee facilities so if you are thinking of staring lessons or just want to come down and have a chat then please do get in touch. The next set of Trinity Music Exams is in December but application forms need to be in by September so if you are thinking of taking an exam do get in touch. I have some availability through the summer months also as i am a bit more flexible with time due to not teaching at school.

As you can see this month it is very much “wedding season” and i have been gigging a lot over the last few weeks with a variety of bands including The 29 fingers, Firefly and SF6. Gigs will keep me busy up until the end of October and have been playing a huge variety of songs ranging from Bruno Mars to Michael Jackson and Earth Wind and Fire.

As well as gigging I have finished up teaching at school for the summer term which gives me a chance to work on composition. I have had a few different jobs come in recently ranging from an original film to as Asian English school which had seen me writing music to nursery rhymes which was a new one and when I ended up in the studio I found at the technician (Dave) was the engineer behind such hits as the cartoon PINGU!. I have always enjoyed composition and have always written for other artists as well as my self and various bands I have played in over the years but I have always had passion for film music so I have re written the music for The Bourne Ultimatum Movie Trailer which you can check out here. If you need any music written for any project you are working on do feel free to drop me an email.

As you may remember i also wrote several songs for up coming country singer Jeannine Barry and her EP is now available on iTunes. I co wrote the title track Of The Hook as well as Lonely Road and Carousel. You can check her out here


I have also been out a few jams this week with one being exceptionally funky in Lewisham where i got to jam with fellow Soul Grenader Milan and the Accent Collective who you can find out about here I also played with the Mike Panos blues band for their monthly jam and wanted to congratulate one of my students Robbie for getting up and playing at his first jam, well done mate.  He also took this video of me playing a bit of blues with the guys.

Thats about it of this month but i will see you next month with more.