Hello to you all and apologies as its been a while since i last posted but life can get so busy sometimes. The studio has been keeping me busy as well as lots of gigs and school teaching as well as playing in a musical and working hard with Soul Grenades.


@The Studio

The studio has been really busy at the moment mainly due to a lot of my students preparing for their Trinity Music exams as well as lots of new starters. I am very pleased to say that every single one of my students passed their exams which ranged from the Initial Grade (a fully accredited exam that new students can take before their Grade 1) to Grade 4 and I received some of the best exam results yet so I wanted to say a big well done to all of my students who have worked very hard to achieve their results. If may be worth letting you know that Trinity have updated their guitar syllabuses which you can find out all about here http://shop.trinitycollege.com/shop/prod_series_list.asp?seriesID=100216 Here you can see my Grade 4 student Katy working hard on her pieces during our lesson.


As well as my classical students I have been busy teaching blues and rock as well as helping some students get started with the Rock School examinations which again are fully accredited examinations but tailored to the more rock and roll type of player.


Having guitar lessons at my teaching studio works very well for some people but for others its not so convenient so for the last few months i have employed there services of an ex student of mine Neil who has been providing home lessons for me. The option to have lessons at home gives you the opportunity to decide on the most suitable time or day that works for you. This system is working very well for the students in question so if you think you would be interested in this option then please do get in touch with me and i would be more than willing to help you book a lesson that works for you.



I have been out gigging as always with the awesome Firefly as well as Superbad and most recently we rocked out at Aspers Casino at the Westfield Shopping Centre. As well as that my band Soul Grenades have had some great gigs in around London as well as a Mothers day special at Pizza Express in Maidstone.


I found my self back in the studio with the legend that is Mark last week as he wanted to record some tracks for his album.

I also had the pleasure of playing with some fantastic musicians including the awesome and occasional Firefly drum dep Benjamine Essenhigh in the musical GHOST at the Bob Hope Theatre. The cast, crew and MD Hannah were on top form and i had a great week playing some rocking music as well as finding a great new pub in Eltham.


Thats about it for this month and if you think you would be interested in Guitar Lessons in Bromley either at the studio or at your home then drop me an email at keirguitar@hotmail.com