May 2016


Hi and welcome to this months newsletter and unfortunately it has been rather a sad one as my student Dr Teresa Jefferies passed away this month. Teresa had been having private lessons with me for many years and was a fantastic guitar player as well as being a fantastic person with a  brain the size of the moon. Teresa was a scientist for the Natural History Museum of London as well as being an awesome musician, baker, guitar builder, singer the list go’s on. Me and several other of my students played at her funeral service which was brilliant and I just wanted to take a moment to remember her. You will be sadly missed T!.


@ The Studio

The studio is very busy and my home teaching option is proving a huge success with students loving the flexibility of having a lesson that suits them rather than when I can necessarily fit them into my register. If this is of interest to you please do drop mean email and i will be happy to give you any info you require.

A lot of my students are getting ready to take their Trinity Music exams this week so very best of luck to you all though I am sure they will all pass with flying colours as they have been working so hard towards it. Music exams are only part of the my teaching at the studio as a lot of my other students are studying all sorts of music and this month i have covered everything from No Doubt, Skid Row, Guns n Roses,  Lydian Dominant Scales, Blues and of course Greensleeves!.



I have been gigging a lot with many of the top function bands I play with including Firefly, Superbad and 29 Fingers and have played huge mansions in the Kent country side as well as a circus big top. Here is me out with 29 Fingers who have a very party and tartan vibe going on!.


My funk band Soul Grenades having been playing a lot of gigs in and around London including the Bedroom Bar in Shoreditch as well as Pizza Express in Chelsea which you can see below

You can also catch us supporting Brooklyn Funk Essentials at the Jazz cafe on the 20th July. You can get tickets here on the Soul Grenades website

I also got to see the guitar wizard that is Steve Vai who was performing the whole of Passion and Warfare from start to finish. Was a greta night and took back to be a young guitar player practicing hard.




Have a good month all.