September 2017


@ The Studio

As you can see from the above things at the studio are going great. There has been a lot of new students starting in September, as always seems to be the case after the holidays. Above are 2 of my students John and Harry both who have been having lessons for over a year with me and are going from strength to strength.  Lessons can cover all aspects of playing from beginner chords and songs through to jazz, funk, lead playing, exam preparation etc. Many of my students are currently prepping for their Trinity Music Exams in December so the hard work continue until then!

If you are interested in Guitar Lessons in Bromley then feel free to get in touch at


I have been busy gigging with some great bands including Tailored Music For Events as well as depping with the Mike Smith collective. The Rube Goldberg project that I was involved with in the summer have some more gigs coming up and are busy writing for their next album. I am working on with an originals band called Planet 3 and we have our first gig coming up soon so will let you know how it go’s.


I will also be on tour playing guitar with the amazingly talented Emily Capell in December supporting Texas on some gigs so can’t wait for that.

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My band SOUL GRENADES are also in the process of writing and rehearsing new material for the next album and you can check out our new video for London Strut which is available on our album Pulling The Pin which is on ITunes. Enjoy!