Emily Capell at Islington Assembly Hall


Lessons are going great at the studio I now have only limited availability for lessons. all my students passed their Trinity Music Grades so i want to say a massive well done to them all. I have some new students start and they are really moving forward quickly which is great to see as some of them have never even picked up a guitar before and can al ready play a few songs. Like i said i have only a few spaces left but do get in contact at for more info. My studio is based in central Bromley which has easy parking as well as wi-fi. waiting area and tea and coffee.



As well as a busy teaching schedule I have been up and down the country with the Pink Floyd tribute show WHAT THE FLOYD. We have been playing sell out theatre shows with a show encompassing all the Floyd classics as well as full visuals and later show. Here you can see us in action


After a busy festival run I headed out again with Emily Capell supporting the Spitfires at Islington Assembly Hall. An incredible venue and a great gig.


My band Soul Grenades has also been back in the studio recording our new EP which should be out soon as well as playing at The South London Soul Train.




August 2018 – Exams, Festivals


@The Studio 

The studio has been a little quite due to the holidays but I have still been bust teaching all my regular students. This month i have been teaching some Queen, Ed Sheeran, Michael Jackson as well as theory and jazz. I cover all styles so even if you are a beginner or advanced student i can help you with your lessons. I had some new students start this month and its great seeing them get the “bug” so quickly. I have also had the pleasure of informing my students there Trinity Exam results and i am very pleased to say they all passed their guitar grades with flying colours so well done. This week me and Sam were learning the solo to “Don’t stop me now” by Queen and i have to say he did a great job, well done Sam.


Me and Sam rocking out our new guitars together.


This month I have been very busy with both Soul Grenades and Emily Capell playing lots of festivals across the country including Beautiful Days, Kendall Calling, Y Not and others I can’t remember. As you can see below we had a lot of fun.


I am also playing with What The Floyd which is a full on 2 hour Pink Floyd show complete with Pyrotechnics, lights, lasers and lots of smoke. It’s a 10 piece band playing all the Floyd hits and I will be back out on tour with them in October so check their website for the dates and come and say hi.




June 2018


@ The Studio

I have been helping my students prep for their Trinity Exams occurring in July as well as welcoming several new students both young and old at the studio. My timetable is quite busy but there are still a few slots available so if you are interested in lessons get in touch with me. Lesson can be weekly or fortnightly and are 30 or 60mins long at my teaching studio in Bromley. Here is my student Emma working her way through some My Chemical Romance, she’s doing great!.



I have been very busy playing guitar for the amazing Floyd tribute band What The Floyd this month. We had several gigs and my first was quite interesting as 2 songs in the fire alarm went off and the whole building had to be evacuated but that aside it was a great name and the songs are a guitarists dream to play. You can check out the website for gigs which include full laser show as well as all the great music from Dark Side, Pulse and Wish you Were Here.

I have also been hitting the festivals with Emily Capell that saw us at Ocean Fest in Devon  supporting Jess Glynn.

I have also been hitting the festivals with my band Soul Grenades and we supported Graig Charles at The Great Estate festival as well as playing the Graig Charles funk and Soul night at Brixton.

I have also been playing with originals band PLANET 3 and we have been warming up doing some acoustic gigs showcasing the new EP. Check out the website for more info



February 2018


@The Studio

The studio has been really busy this month and my students have been receiving their Trinity Music grade results and as you can see below my student Dipansh was very pleased with his result. Dipnash got top marks with distinction in his Initial Grade, well done. My teaching studio is based in Bromley and has everything you need for an enjoyable lesson including tea/coffee, WC, parking and wifi. All aspects of learning guitar/music can be taught here so if grades are not for you fear not we can learn all the best rock and pop songs you like. If you would like lessons please get in touch at for more info.




I have been busy gigging with the amazing Emily Capell this month at venues including London’s The Water Rats as well as a trip to Manchester to Jimmy’s and we had a blast. We have lots of festivals booked in this summer as you can see so feel free to come down and check us out.

I have also been busy with my funk band Soul Grenades as we have been hammering the London funk circuit playing The Blues Kitchen in both Shoreditch and Brixton and we also have some festivals coming up this summer which you can check out below.


I have also been in the studio recording with Planet 3 and our debut EP will be released soon.

Thanks and have a good month


November 2017

@The Studio

Things at the studio have been very busy as I have been prepping all my students for there Trinity Music Exams and I am pleases to say that all my students passed with flying colours. It’s all ways a great feeling knowing that I have helped students on their journey with music and i wanted to congratulate them all on working so hard towards it. I have had several new students start with styles ranging from beginners to a student looking to get into country-style guitar playing so if you know of anyone interested in lessons do tell them to get in touch. I also offer Home Lessons which is easier for certain students who cannot travel or prefer the comfort of their own home. Lessons can be weekly or fortnightly and are either 30 mins or 60 mins depending on what areas want to be worked on.


It has been a great month that saw me kick things off on tour with Emily Capell supporting British band Texas. We played to some massive crowds in Dubai, Cape town and Joberg and the whole of South Africa was breath-taking. I want to say special thanks to all the guys who helped make it happen as well as the band consisting of Matt Cowley on drums and Steven Oates on bass. Here are some pics of the gigs including the Dubai tennis stadium, Kirstenbosch botanical gardens and Joberg


I have also been busy with THE RUDBE GOLDBERG MACHINE where we played this years Progfest with some amazing bands and a great reception. The album is being worked on so I will keep you updated as to when that comes out.

I have also been gigging with my band SOUL GRENADES where we played a headline set at London’s biggest funk and soul night THE SOUL TRAIN at the Bussey building in Peckham. The night was too much fun to remember as you can see from these pics

This summer I also played guitar on Mark Kingswood incredible album of contemporary swing music and here you can see his latest video for his first single Strong. Go and check him out he is awesome

Here is me putting the guitars down earlier in the year for this song


Planet 3 is another band I play in and we had our first gig at the Tunbridge Wells Forum last month. The gig was so much fun and we smashed it and are looking forward to going in the studio later this year to record the first EP.

So that’s kept me pretty busy this month. I hope you all have lovely Christmas and New Year and I look forward to more exiting projects and student’s in 2018.



September 2017


@ The Studio

As you can see from the above things at the studio are going great. There has been a lot of new students starting in September, as always seems to be the case after the holidays. Above are 2 of my students John and Harry both who have been having lessons for over a year with me and are going from strength to strength.  Lessons can cover all aspects of playing from beginner chords and songs through to jazz, funk, lead playing, exam preparation etc. Many of my students are currently prepping for their Trinity Music Exams in December so the hard work continue until then!

If you are interested in Guitar Lessons in Bromley then feel free to get in touch at


I have been busy gigging with some great bands including Tailored Music For Events as well as depping with the Mike Smith collective. The Rube Goldberg project that I was involved with in the summer have some more gigs coming up and are busy writing for their next album. I am working on with an originals band called Planet 3 and we have our first gig coming up soon so will let you know how it go’s.


I will also be on tour playing guitar with the amazingly talented Emily Capell in December supporting Texas on some gigs so can’t wait for that.

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 15.51.17

My band SOUL GRENADES are also in the process of writing and rehearsing new material for the next album and you can check out our new video for London Strut which is available on our album Pulling The Pin which is on ITunes. Enjoy!




JUNE 2017


@ The Studio

The studio is really busy which is great news though is a little quite due to people booking their summer holidays. I have had several new students start this month and 2 of those new starters are students that I used to teach at Primary School for the Bromley Youth Music Trust.  As a result of them moving school they obviously stopped their music lessons but now they are settled in to secondary school they have made contact and it was great seeing them again. As students build up a rapport with me they often wish to continue lessons after school so its great to see them returning.

I have been teaching everything from blues and jazz to rock and pop as always and here is one of my students Robbie whom I have been teaching for a couple of years and i believe we were working on some Rolling Stones songs here. Robbie went from never playing guitar to where he is out playing jam and blues nights all around Robbie and he is the perfect example of coming to music a little later in life and finding something that he now thoroughly enjoys, Great work Robbie


If you are interested in Guitar Lessons in Bromley please feel free to email me at


Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 15.51.17

It has been a very busy month with my band Soul Grenades as we launched our first album PULLIN THE PIN. It was a ton of work but it is now available through the website as either a Vinyl, CD or download as well as being on all the music streaming sites and to purchase at ITunes which you can do here

The album launch was at Pizza Express Soho and it was a great night. We have also been out gigging and played Purley Fest so thanks for having us guys.


I have also been out gig with some great bands including Flood The Floor, The Beatnicks, Firefly and the 29 Fingers.



May 2017


@The Studio

The studio has been as busy as ever which is great news. There have been lots of new students starting which has seen me teaching everything from Ozzy Osbournes Crazy Train through to 3 blind mice with some of my younger students. I have also been helping prep students for their TRINITY MUSIC EXAMS which is exiting. I have some spaces available on my register so do get in touch if you are interested in lessons. My teaching studio is based in Bromley at ASCAPE STUDIOS and has everything you need to enjoy your lessons. We have tea and coffee as well as a waiting area for parents and wifi.

I received an email from a parent via NetMums asking if there 6-year-old could learn guitar. 6 is quite young for the guitar as there is a certain amount of strength needed in the left and right hand to push metal string onto the fretboard so i suggested maybe the ukulele would be a better choice and now i am happy to say that this student is now learning simple melodies on it and loves it!.



This month has seen my band SOUL GRENADES gig in and around London as well as playing the brilliant ELDERFLOWER  FEILD FESTIVAL   The staff and crowd were very welcoming and we had a fantastic time playing there so looking forward to playing there again next year.

I have been in the studio a lot with the band as our album will be released in the next week or 2 and we will be playing a launch gig at the Pizza Express Jazz venue in Soho in July. Its been a long road but will be glad to have it out and finally finished, details to follow soon.

I have also been out gigging with BACKBEAT who were a top band and would like to say thanks to all the guys for a real laugh.

This month i have also been recording guitars for an artist friend of mine which is going to be amazing when its finished but i will have more information in the next few weeks. In the meantime here is me working on a Bondesque tune.


Thanks and if you are interested in Guitar Lessons in and around Bromley do get in touch.





Feb 2017 – Gigs, Musical, Trinity Exams


@The Studio

My teaching studio based at ASCAPE STUDIOS in Bromley has been very busy with another large influx of new students this month which is encouraging for all things guitar. New students have ranged in abilities from beginner classical players to some more mature students who are looking to expand on the knowledge they have all ready acquired. My other students are busy preparing for their TRINITY College Music Exams so I want to wish them all the best of luck for their exam at the end of the month. Not all students wish to take exams but for those that do its a great way to progress on the instrument with an achievable goal at the end. The exam period occurs 3 time s year so if you are interested please get in touch and I would be happy to give you all the info you need.

My Home Teaching option is working out very well for students as it enables them to have lessons in their own home at a time that suits them. Do get in touch if you are interested in this option as i cover areas all around Bromley,Hayes Orpington and Chislehurst. You can email me at for more info.


This month I have been very busy gigging with my band Soul Grenades at several venues around London and the South East including Hootanannys in Brixton, Fox and Firkin in Lewisham and Pizza Express in Maidstone so keep a look on the website for info about up and coming gigs – SOUL GRENADES 

Soul Grenades are finishing up our album currently and we have been back in the studio getting it finished so will let you know when it is complete.



Soul Grenades at Hootanannys in Brixton.


You can check out the video from the gig here shot by SOFA Sounds


I have also been out gigging with The RUBE GOLDBERG PROJECT which is a fantastic prog band broughtto life by the brilliant Jordan Brown. I have gigged with Jordan for several years and he asked me to play with them for the showcase of their album which i of course happily agreed to. The guys including Jordan, Lewis Jenkins on drums, Daniel Bowles on vocals and guitar and Richard on keys were an absolute pleasure to play with and top top musicians. The music was very hard (11/16 anyone!) but with only 1 full rehearsal we smashed the gig.


I was also asked to play in a production of Bugsy Malone this month at the Epsom Playhouse which was great fun. There was a lot of custard guns flying around and i took a bucket to the head that fell into the pit but it was a great production so well done all at Ewell School and thanks to Ben.

My function band Firefly have also been back in the studio recording some new demos for the new website and here I am with the wonderful Rosanna Colcough recording vocals and guitars. It was lovely to spend valentines day with her…..



A busy month playing music with wonderful people so thanks all. If you are interested in guitar lessons then do please feel free to get in touch even just to enquire and i will get back to you straight away.




2017 Happy New Year


@ The Studio

A slightly delayed but Happy New Year to everyone. Its been a while since I posted as i moved house over Christmas and as a result have not had any internet access for what seems like an eternity but i am back and things are busy. My Bromley studio has seen a large influx of new students which has been great as I have been helping people get started with their new Xmas presents. A lot of my new students are absolute beginners which is encouraging news in the world of guitar and i have been getting them used to their first chords as well as breaking them in with some strumming patterns and even a riff or two!. I have been teaching a lot of Ed Sheeran as well as James Arthur and people are always surprised that there may only be 2 or 3 chords in these songs and are really encouraged when they realise they can play it after a few days. I also have students who come to me and have been playing for some time or are quite advanced but want to learnt things outside of their normal playing style so I have a Heavy Metal player looking to get into some jazz harmony as well as a blues student who is keen to learn more about funk. Hopefully this shows you the kind of variety in teaching levels and styles that i work with so if you are thinking about lessons do feel free to get in touch at 

I have completed the application for my students Trinity Music ExamsLevels range this time from Initial which is a fully accredited exam prior to Grade 1 that is designed to get players used to entering for an exam as well as my student Alice going for her classical Grade 7 so best of luck to you all.


The home lesson scheme is also doing very well at the moment. I employ several teachers in and around Bromley who do home lessons for those who cannot make it to the studio or prefer the environment of their own home for lessons. Trying to juggle picking up children with dropping them off at other activities sometime means there is not time to drive to me for lessons  but that does not mean that you cannot start learning the guitar. My teachers are fully insured as well as being fully CRB checked.


As well as being back in Bromley teaching at several schools I have been very busy with my band Soul Grenades which has seen us back in the studio as well as playing a sold out gig at  The Pizza Express Soho Jazz Gig shortly before Christmas. We also played the Brooklyn Bowl at the O2 in Greenwich supporting the brilliant Crowd Company as well as the very last gig at The Bedroom Bar in Shoreditch. I will keep you updated with all the new recordings and the album should be finish shortly.

I have also been busy gigging with top function bands Firefly, The Sustainiacs and New Years Eve with the fantastic Soul Factory.

The start of this year saw me back with producer Mark working on some material for an American TV show

December also saw me in the studio with the The Beatniks recording music for their website and I got to play through some beautiful gear that made me almost miss gigging my amp!


Thats it for now but lots coming up in Feb. If you are interested in guitar lessons in the borough of Bromley do please get in touch at