September 2020

Well its been a strange time since my last update. Very sad to see that no live concerts or gigs are happening at the moment but fortunately it has allowed me to focus more time on my online teaching. Due to the current situation all my lessons have been online using Skype, Zoom or Facetime for the last 6 months and its been going very well, better than I thought it was going to. Interestingly a lot of my students have said how much they have enjoyed the distraction of their weekly lesson over the last few months and some have said how convenient it is now they are online. It means students don’t have to sit in traffic or rush from work to get over to my home studio and as one student said to me when the lesson finishes they can go straight downstairs and serve the dinner which keeps everyone happy.! All my online lessons can be accessed through a smartphone, iPad or webcam and no other fancy technology is needed. All students are emailed a full PDF of their lesson material and I can also film and share parts of the lesson that the student may want to use to help them practice. I am very full however I do have a few slots free so if you are looking for a new hobby for the winter or want to brush up on your guitar skills then feel free to get in touch at or you can go over to my Facebook page for videos and other informtion here

Thanks and stay safe everyone.


June 2020 – Online Guitar Lessons



Well things have changed a little in the last few months. Due to social distancing it has not been possible to have face to face lessons but as you can see from above all of my lessons have now moved online and its been a huge success. With so many options now available to us to communicate online it has become very easy to maintain a high level of  teaching via the internet. I think some students worried they did not have the equipment needed to carry on their lessons online but all of them have found how easy it is. With a camera phone or tablet and free software such as Zoom, Skype or Facetime and maybe a set of headphones they have all enjoyed the process. With the ability to screen share information as well as me sending all lesson material in PDF format students have all the  information as they would do if they were coming to my home teaching studio. Some students travel over an hour to get to me and they have remarked how much easier it is for them this way. I also have the ability to record parts of the lesson so students can go over any material again or can watch something several times so they can understand it which has been really helpful. If you are interested in lesson then feel free to get in touch at Here is a clip of some of the songs i have been teaching this week.


Dom rocking out to Jimi Hendrix


Sam learning his Rockschool Grade 6 song


Andy learning the dark arts of the Lydian Dominant Scale 


Emma rocking some Foo Fighters 


Lynette working on her Rockschool grade 2 


Thanks and take care.


Guitar Lessons and Coronavirus

Sadly the world seems to be suffering at the hands of the Coronavirus which is sadly devastating entire industries at the moment. If you have found yourself banished from the office or on lockdown in the upstairs bedroom then it might be the ideal time to start turning your rock star dreams into a reality!!!!

My home teaching studio is the perfect location for your lessons however due to the current measures being taken I am providing lesson via Skype so you can become the next Jimi Hendrix from the comfort of your own sofa. Feel free to get in touch at for more info.

Beginner, advanced, classical, exams, theory, rock, pop,metal or country are not a problem at all so start now

Thanks and stay healthy.


February 2020


Guitar Lessons 

My teaching studio has had a little makeover recently and i have incorporated my recording studio into my teaching room which now gives students the chance to try recording. This can really help in progressing your skills as a musician as you can learn about writing parts, time keeping, layering of instruments etc. I have all ready been recording some of my students and discussing how we can use several different types of guitar parts to create a song.  I have a very full register now and have had several new students start in the last week as well as helping my current students with their upcoming TRINITY MUSIC EXAMS. If you are interested in guitar lessons in the Bromley area then feel free to get in touch at


This month has been pretty much out on tour with Emily Capell playing her new album Combat Frock. Here you can see we had a lot of fun out on the road and were due to go straight to Dubai to support Madness but sadly due to current events with the Corona Virus it has been postponed till November.

My band Soul Grenades are very exited about the release of our 2nd Album Delicious Detonation. Its a lot of hard work as an idependant band to write record and release an album so we are all really chuffed we have finished it and are looking forward to the album launch on the 17th April at Matt and Phreds in Manchester.




November 2019


Guitar Lessons

My teaching studio continues to be busy with new students starting every week. Evening slots are pretty full however I do have some afternoon spaces available should you be interested in lessons. I am pleased to say all my students who took their recent Trinity Music Exams passed with flying colours. I also have students who have recently started to attend jam nights to hone their guitar skills in a real gig setting which does wonders for their confidence.


This month i have been on tour with Emily Capell and we were supporting The Selecter on their 40th anniversary tour. We had a brilliant time and the band, crew and everyone else was fantastic. We did 9 show with them and ended up at the Shepards Bush Empire where I my self have watched many of my favourite bands so it was great to play there.


Also exited announce that we will be supporting Madness in Dubai in March next year


My band Soul Grenades have been busy in the studio putting the finishing touches to our second album which will be out early in the new year.71545955_2324617300967315_7276267742997512192_n

I also had a wonderful concert with the London Concert Chorus in aid of Bromley Mind which is a charity that helps so many people in the borough and i was very pleased to be involved.




October 2019


Guitar Lessons 

Lessons have been very busy as I am now teaching from my home studio due to the sad closure of Ascape Music Studio in Bromley.  My home studio (which is 10mins from the old one) offers all the same benefits of Ascape including wifi, tea and coffee, WC and parking directly outside. It all so allows me to be much more flexible with timings and lesson slots so if you are interested feel free to drop me an email at for more info.  As you can see some of my current students have settled in nicely in my new teaching room and I look forward to continuing the high level I provide students of all abilities. This is a good time to mention as well that due to my work with the Bromley Youth Music Trust teaching in local schools I have a full DBS child safety certificate as well as safe guarding children training.  Here is Dom, Mike and Rob working hard!


I play guitar for artist Emily Capell and she recently launched her album and Camden Assembly Rooms. We recorded the album, Combat Frock earlier this year and it is out now every where. The album launch was great as you can see and we are heading off on tour supporting The Selector later in Novemebr.

My band Soul Grenades have also been in the studio working on our next album due out later this year. We headlined Londons premier funk and soul night The South London Soul Train as well a sa set at Pizza Express Soho and gigs in Brighton and Belfast this month.

I have also been gigging with Planet 3 in and around London as well as supporting Emily at her album launch



July 2019



I have been busy teaching the last few months and have had quite a few new starters ranging from beginners to advanced players looking to expand into other genres of music (I have a metal player who has discovered they like Country!).  As good a resource as Youtube is most of my students say the experience of actually sitting down with a teacher and that teacher being able to pick up on the areas that need work is much more helpful for them. I use Youtube like everyone else for things but still find the ability to sit down with some one and have them ask me questions and to demonstrate specific things to them still can’t be matched. If you are interested in lessons then feel free to email me at and I will get back to you straight away. Lessons can be weekly or fortnightly and and can be 30 or 60mins long.


I have been busy with What The Floyd playing to packed out theatres up and down the country. If you are fan of The Floyd come along and see what we are all about. We perform all the classics complete with amazing lazer and light show as you can see below.

I have also been hitting the festival season with Emily Capell. Her album which we recorded back in January is due out later this year and then we will be on tour to showcase the brilliant songs.

My band Soul Grenades has also been gigging hard and we recently supported the brilliant Sister Sledge at the Smoked and Uncut festival. We have also been back in the studio recording our 2nd album.



March 2019


Lessons have been going well at the studio and my new students are progressing well after only a few lessons. I am happy to say all my students passed their Trinity Music Exams with top marks so well done to each and every one of you. Not all students decide to take the music grade route and I have plenty of students who have no desire to and are just enjoying playing songs and learning a new skill. If you think you would be interested feel free to get in touch at for more info. Here is my wonderful student Lynette working the songs for her church and she is doing brilliantly.


The studio in Bromley offers parking, wi-fi, waiting area for parents (with a sofa) as well as tea/coffee and a WC.


I have been busy on tour with What The Floyd this month playing theatres across the Midlands and the feedback from the crowds has been great. In the show we play all the music from Dark Side of The Moon as well as all there other hits and some more obscure tunes. The show features a fall light and laser show so keep an eye on their website for details.


I have also been out on tour with Emily Capell and her album is currently being mixed and to be released soon.


My band Soul Grenades have been busy writing material for the new album as well as gigging across London including playing the 100 CLUB in Oxford’s Street and we are getting ready for the festival season to begin and will be supporting SISTER SLEDGE at the SMOKED AND UNCUT FESTIVAL so come and join us.



January 2019


@The Studio

My guitar teaching studio based in Bromley has been very busy since the New Year and I am currently helping my students prep for the Trinity Music Grades happening in March. As well as teaching classical grades i have also been teaching Kasier Cheifs, Ed Sheeran the blues and some metal so if you are interested in lessons do feel free to get in touch for details via


Christmas seems a life time ago now and was as manic as it is every year. As well as teaching at my studio I also had a lot of X Mas gigs with several bands including my New Years Eve gig with Soul Factory. I have also been out with Soul Grenades and we have a new video out with a song from our new EP that’s coming out soon.


During my run of gigs over the X Mas I had the privilege of playing with the London Concert Chorus for there Christmas concerts at the Churchill theatre.  They are a supporter of Bromley Mind and special thanks to George Torman for doing a brilliant job conducting. Here is me and Kevin working hard

I have also been in the studio recording guitars for Emily Capells new album. Its sounding awesome and can’t wait for her release it and then we can get touring it.Heres some snaps of us in the studio. Big thanks to Scott and Matt for their tireless work





Emily Capell at Islington Assembly Hall


Lessons are going great at the studio I now have only limited availability for lessons. all my students passed their Trinity Music Grades so i want to say a massive well done to them all. I have some new students start and they are really moving forward quickly which is great to see as some of them have never even picked up a guitar before and can al ready play a few songs. Like i said i have only a few spaces left but do get in contact at for more info. My studio is based in central Bromley which has easy parking as well as wi-fi. waiting area and tea and coffee.



As well as a busy teaching schedule I have been up and down the country with the Pink Floyd tribute show WHAT THE FLOYD. We have been playing sell out theatre shows with a show encompassing all the Floyd classics as well as full visuals and later show. Here you can see us in action


After a busy festival run I headed out again with Emily Capell supporting the Spitfires at Islington Assembly Hall. An incredible venue and a great gig.


My band Soul Grenades has also been back in the studio recording our new EP which should be out soon as well as playing at The South London Soul Train.