2017 Happy New Year


@ The Studio

A slightly delayed but Happy New Year to everyone. Its been a while since I posted as i moved house over Christmas and as a result have not had any internet access for what seems like an eternity but i am back and things are busy. My Bromley studio has seen a large influx of new students which has been great as I have been helping people get started with their new Xmas presents. A lot of my new students are absolute beginners which is encouraging news in the world of guitar and i have been getting them used to their first chords as well as breaking them in with some strumming patterns and even a riff or two!. I have been teaching a lot of Ed Sheeran as well as James Arthur and people are always surprised that there may only be 2 or 3 chords in these songs and are really encouraged when they realise they can play it after a few days. I also have students who come to me and have been playing for some time or are quite advanced but want to learnt things outside of their normal playing style so I have a Heavy Metal player looking to get into some jazz harmony as well as a blues student who is keen to learn more about funk. Hopefully this shows you the kind of variety in teaching levels and styles that i work with so if you are thinking about lessons do feel free to get in touch at keirguitar@hotmail.com 

I have completed the application for my students Trinity Music ExamsLevels range this time from Initial which is a fully accredited exam prior to Grade 1 that is designed to get players used to entering for an exam as well as my student Alice going for her classical Grade 7 so best of luck to you all.


The home lesson scheme is also doing very well at the moment. I employ several teachers in and around Bromley who do home lessons for those who cannot make it to the studio or prefer the environment of their own home for lessons. Trying to juggle picking up children with dropping them off at other activities sometime means there is not time to drive to me for lessons  but that does not mean that you cannot start learning the guitar. My teachers are fully insured as well as being fully CRB checked.


As well as being back in Bromley teaching at several schools I have been very busy with my band Soul Grenades which has seen us back in the studio as well as playing a sold out gig at  The Pizza Express Soho Jazz Gig shortly before Christmas. We also played the Brooklyn Bowl at the O2 in Greenwich supporting the brilliant Crowd Company as well as the very last gig at The Bedroom Bar in Shoreditch. I will keep you updated with all the new recordings and the album should be finish shortly.

I have also been busy gigging with top function bands Firefly, The Sustainiacs and New Years Eve with the fantastic Soul Factory.

The start of this year saw me back with producer Mark working on some material for an American TV show

December also saw me in the studio with the The Beatniks recording music for their website and I got to play through some beautiful gear that made me almost miss gigging my amp!


Thats it for now but lots coming up in Feb. If you are interested in guitar lessons in the borough of Bromley do please get in touch at keirguitar@hotmail.com