Pedal Board, Gigs, Phonics School


@ The Studio

The studio has been getting very busy and I have had a large influx of new students starting which is great news. I have had some beginners start as well as some older advanced players so I have been teaching everything from 3 blind mice to Get The Funk Out by Extreme which has been 2 extremes but go’s to show the variety in levels of my students. There are a few spaces left after school hours around 4 and 5 pm so please do get in touch if you are interested in guitar lessons in Bromley. I am preparing to go back to school teaching for the new term as I teach in schools for The Bromley Youth Music Trust and this means I have just taken my refresher course in Protecting Children which is necessary when teaching in schools as well as having a full CRB check.


Gigging hard with Mr James Mc Master


A great Indian wedding with Superbad

So August is prime wedding season time and this month I have been gigging a lot and have seen many many brides,drunken grooms and enough dad dancing to last me a lifetime but I did have some great gigs. I have been out with The Beatnicks, Superbad, Firefly, SF6 and more and they are all a great bunch so many thanks guys.

I also managed to catch this video of Firefly playing Sweet Child O Mine with the incredible Wez Johnson on drums who is shortly to be touring with amazing blues guitar player Kirk Fletcher.

I was also well over due a pedal board makeover and so decided to delve into the world of pedal switchers and have my board rebuilt. I am not a big gear head but the basics of the foot switcher (Muiscomlab Lite M6) is that all of my pedals can go into it and I can turn any of them on or off as well as changing midi and switching channels on my amp. I had a go at sorting it out my self but after several days of flipping through manuals and trying to strip wires I contacted Darren Taggart who did a wonderful job in sorting it all out and writing it up and can’t thank him enough. If you need any guitar work done I can highly recommend him and you can find a link to his website here Here is a couple of pics of before and after!



I mentioned last month that I had been composing some music for an English Phonics School in Singapore, well the video is now up and had over 14,000 views so far so go check it out here. 

Have a nice month and see you in September.