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This month has seen some big changes at my teaching studio. For reasons beyond my control it was no longer possible for me to remain at my old studio so i am exited to let you know that lessons have been moved to ASCAPE STUDIOS in Bromley. Ascape studios is one of Bromleys top rehearsal and recording rehearsals and my teaching studio is now locate here. The only thing that has changed is the venue as we still have a waiting area for students, tea and coffee etc for your comfort and the new location is only a 1 min drive from the old location.

Apart from this small change everything else is full steam ahead as normal. I have students getting ready for their Trinity music exams coming up in December as well as a large influx of students who are just starting guitar or expanding on their musical goals. My home teaching programme is doing very well so if you are interested in lessons or know any one who is then do get in touch and I can help you start your lessons at a time that is convenient and comfortable for you.



I have been busy gigging as all ways and have been out with some great bands which include The Strobe Band as well as dipping for Mr James Gale as well as my band Firefly and the mighty SuperBad. Here is me rocking out with Firefly at a Charity Ball last week.

I have also been back in the studio writing with producer Mark as well as recording some guitars for various projects.


My beautiful Suhr and Axe FX

My band Soul Grenades have been busy int he studio as well as shooting a video to go with a new single which will be out soon. A teaser can be found here.

Thats all for now

Thanks. K