September 2020

Well its been a strange time since my last update. Very sad to see that no live concerts or gigs are happening at the moment but fortunately it has allowed me to focus more time on my online teaching. Due to the current situation all my lessons have been online using Skype, Zoom or Facetime for the last 6 months and its been going very well, better than I thought it was going to. Interestingly a lot of my students have said how much they have enjoyed the distraction of their weekly lesson over the last few months and some have said how convenient it is now they are online. It means students don’t have to sit in traffic or rush from work to get over to my home studio and as one student said to me when the lesson finishes they can go straight downstairs and serve the dinner which keeps everyone happy.! All my online lessons can be accessed through a smartphone, iPad or webcam and no other fancy technology is needed. All students are emailed a full PDF of their lesson material and I can also film and share parts of the lesson that the student may want to use to help them practice. I am very full however I do have a few slots free so if you are looking for a new hobby for the winter or want to brush up on your guitar skills then feel free to get in touch at or you can go over to my Facebook page for videos and other informtion here

Thanks and stay safe everyone.


Latest at the Studio

I am now at my teaching studio in Bromley full-time and as a result have had a large influx of new students who have ranged from a retired teacher wanting to learn Fleetwood Mac to a younger student who has taken his first steps into grades.

Talking of all things Grades I would like to say a massive congratulations to my students who took their TRINITY MUSIC EXAMS as they all passed with flying colours and some of them gained the highest scores I have seen so again well done to you all. Grades offer students a great chance to focus their learning and provides them with a goal which some students can find really helps in their studies. I will soon be uploading pictures of my students with their certificates so keep an eye out.

SPECIAL THANKS to my student Dr Teresa Jefferies who has done the most magical upgrading of my old battered strat. She has been gigged hard over the years and was well overdue an upgrade and for those who are interested she now has Dimarzio Area 58 & 61silent vintage pickups, wilkinson VS100 trem and graphite nut. Plays like a dream so thank you very much T.

Upgraded Strat Guitar

Guitar Lessons In Bromley

Guitar Lessons with an experienced teacher in Bromley

Do you live in the Bromley area? Have you ever wanted to play the guitar? Look no further.

My purpose built, sound-proofed studio in Bromley allows me to tailor bespoke guitar lessons to students of all ages, levels and experience.

Having been a teacher for over 8 years, I know how valuable it is to structure guitar lessons for pupils to learn at their own pace, in a friendly environment that suits their individual needs.

Want to find out more? Check out more on the Teaching page, get in touch via email or call me on 07828 895 062.