Feb 2013: It’s Been A While

Feb 2013: It's Been A While

It’s funny…neither of us can hear what the other is saying!

So it’s been a busy start to the year so thought I had better start updating this site a bit more frequently as people have been checking it out but nothing new has gone up so I will try and get on top of that. It’s a place for me to upload things I have been working on, so what has been going on…?

Well firstly I had a lovely trip at the start of last month to Paris for a gig with the All Stars and I was taken in by how lovely Paris looked even though we were only there short amount of time I think I will have to get back there pretty soon.

I also had a fantastic time flying to Poland to record guitars for the ever so brilliant and talented Kelli Leigh. The album sounds amazing and we cant wait for it to come out. It was a great great time and Seba & Annett made me very welcome so thanks guys and Kelli’s vocals were sick so make sure you check  her out at www.kellileigh.com.

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