NOVEMBER 2014 – Gigs, The Adams Family, Studio, Jam

Practising The GuitarNovember has been really busy which i am very happy about and has given me a chance to try out my new Tech 21 Fly Rig in a few different situations ie live and in the studio. It always takes a while i find to work out how to integrate a new piece of equipment into your rig but now i have i am really chuffed with the Flyrig. I had a chance to try it out direct to PA on a recent gig with a fantastic function band called The 29 Fingers and it sounded great plus the sound man loved having total control over my volume!!!. I have also been out with my band Firefly which this month featured MD of Soul Factory Mr Richard Green depping on keys who is always a welcome addition to the Fly!

I was asked by producer Mark to come to his studio and record some guitars for a Coldplay style ballad he is working on and normally i record dry and plug-ins will be used to create the desired tone but for this one i asked Mark if we could give the Fly Rig a go and it sounded awesome. Here is a video of me putting a guitar solo down using it direct to desk.



I was asked to play guitar for a production of the musical The Adams Family this month and i was really exited to do it. The score was pretty tricky and had a few “odd” time signatures but it was a blast going through it and i thoroughly enjoyed it so thanks Steve. It is not something i do a lot but i will definitely be doing more in the new year as its great way to mix up your playing every now and again with the added bonus of meeting some new players.


My funk band Soul Greneade was gigging this month at a funk night in Euston featuring us, Mr Littles Noisy Band who were on absolute fire, a superb bunch of players featuring an old friend and bass player Arran McSporran. Also on the bill were Smith And The honey Badgers who have their new 7″vinyl out which is well worth checking out. It’s a great night that turns into a free form jazz jam at the end and this time featured the superb Trombone talents of Mr, sorry Dr Christopher Holmes!

 Playing guitar at the jam night

I managed to get down to the Rose and Crown pub to check out their jam night fronted by the Mike Panos house band which occurs on the 3rd Thursday of every month and had a blast playing with the guys. The crowd is very welcoming and everyone is encouraged to play so i managed to get up and jam but also sat back with a beer and caught Justin rocking out his new Victory Amplifier.

@ The Studio

My students have been working hard preparing for their Trinity Guitar Grades that are starting in the next two weeks. Students often express their concern to me in entering for an exam and its always rewarding to see that initial concern turn into confidence as they practice and progress to the point where they are willing the exam date to come. It’s a great way for students to see the progress they have made on their instrument as it is not all ways obvious when you are working week to week on something that you are actually progressing.

Not all students are grade orientated and as a result i have been teaching many guitar styles this month ranging from Steve Vai, Slide, Stevie Wonder, altered scales over V chords and all things pop.

I have only a few slots left on my register at the moment but do please get in touch if you would like to discuss guitar lessons at the studio.

Cool well i wish you all the very happiest of Christmases and look forward for to seeing you in the New Year where i will tell you how i got on in december.



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