NEWS – Gigs, Rockschool Exams


@The Studio – Keir Moore Guitar Lessons Bromley

The studio has been busy this month with my regular students all working hard towards their own personal goals that at the moment range from some of my younger students preparing for their next Trinity Classical Guitar Exams as well as some of my more “mature” students getting ready to play their first jam night. If you are unfamiliar with the term jam night let me explain. It normally consists of a house band who play the majority of the music and then ask other players to come up and join them to play some songs. Several of my students who have never played in a band or even played live are now starting to get involved with these nights and i think its great for expanding them as a player. Some times you play well and some times you get your arsed kick but i think this is all important in becoming a better player. Here is me at the Mike Panos blues night at The Greyhound Keston, more info can be found here


I have recently started several student s on the Rock School exam syllabus. These are a great alternative for students who are not focused join the classical side of playing as the tracks are contemporary electric guitar songs with a full band backing track on CD which makes for a much more enjoyable way to practice for their exams. The exams are fully accredited and examinations take place 3 times a year, for more info you can check out the website here

I currently have a few spaces left so if you are interested in please do get in touch at the contact section of the website for more info.


Other wise this month i have been gigging a lot with several different bands. Firstly there was a great couple of gigs with Superbad an awesome funk band run by fellow Soul Grenader Dave Henley. The set list is fantastic and they are all a great bunch of players and i managed to film a little of our last gig here.

I have also been out with my regular band Firefly and also with SF6 which featured one of the most mind-blowing close up magicians i have ever seen.


My band funk band Soul Grenades have also been gigging this month and had the pleasure of playing at Pineapple Jam which is an online community run by a collective of DJ’s, Producers and music enthusiasts to share their passion for all things funky. Was a great sweaty night off funk and after some technical difficulties we rocked out and the crowd were great. Some one whom i have no idea managed to film some of it, who ever you were thanks!.

Cool well have a good month and i catch you all soon.


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