Happy New Year!

A happy new year to you all, I hope it was fun and you ate as much as I did! I am sitting here listening to Mr Joe Bonamassa and man can he play, I strongly suggest you all listen to him and sit in awe of his playing and, more importantly, his tone.

Dukes of HavocSo, December I was fortunate enough to be manically busy. I had a full diary of teaching in school and at my own studio and I was out gigging most nights with the awesome Dukes of Havoc. These fantastic bunch of guys made the Christmas residency most fun so a massive thank you to James Mc Master, Al Hermes and Julian McClaren who was, worryingly, the brains of the operation. We played our a*ses off every night and it was a blast and my Egnater Amp was roaring, which is all ways fun.

In between gigs and teaching I had some time in the studio with a great producer and song writer Mark (your second name will always allude me so apologies mate). I recorded acoustic and electric on some songs and it sounded great.

After a week of eating cheese and drinking red wine I had to get up off the sofa and make my way to a New Years Eve gig with a great band called The Masqueraders again with Mr James McMaster.  Big thanks to Toby as well. But now January is here so it’s back to teaching and gigging. Hope you all had a great Christmas and all the best for the New Year.

Thanks, K

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