November 2013: An ‘Ell of A Month

EllaThe studio has been very busy the last few months so I would like to say a big hello to all my new students. A large portion of my students are all practicing like mad in preparation for their exams coming up in December so I want to wish them all luck for the next few weeks. Exams are a great way to help a student focus on an ‘end goal’ and are a great way to measure your progress over the course of several months as well as give you a real sense of achievement at the end and that is no more evident than in this picture of one of my students Ella Pettit who this summer gained her Trinity Initial Guitar Grade. This is great news so brilliant job Ella, well done!

Although a lot of my students study for their grades I also teach a lot of people who just want to learn for the fun of playing and the love of rock n’ roll so don’t be put off if the very thought of exams makes your palms sweat!

This month has also seen me busy gigging with my own function band Firefly and I’ve been rehearsing with Dukes of Havoc for our Christmas residency so lots of classic Christmas tunes to look forward to.

That’s all, have a great month and get in touch with me at for anything at all.

Thanks, Keir


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